Sudio Sweden

Lately I’ve been trying to pay special attention to my health. I don’t think I will have the perfect diet and workout regimen everyday for the rest of my life. I believe being healthy is a lifestyle and I try to focus on the big picture. I try to make healthier choices while grocery shopping, and add in new fun ways to workout so I don’t get bored. I know I won’t be perfect everyday. That’s okay! It’s okay to still crave something sweet or skip your workout one day. Instead I focus on the little things I’ve achieved everyday or the things I’ve turned into good habits. I’m proud when I reach my goal of drinking 3 liters of water per day, and then 4, and so on. I’m proud when I hit a 6 min mile. I celebrate the goals and positive choices I make, and don’t get down on myself when I slip up.

So on that note, here is one of my favorite quick leg day workouts that you don’t need a gym to accomplish. Please keep in mind I’m not a trainer. I’m not an expert. These are just workouts, research, and trial and error I’ve found that work for me. I don’t think every workout plan, diet, lifestyle, etc. is the same for everyone. What works for one person may not for another.


  • Stretch
  •  Split squats 3 sets of 10 (each leg)
  • Kick Backs 3 sets of 10 (each leg)
  • Resistance band squats 3 sets of 20
  • 2 mile run

  Split squat

Resistance band squats

Kick backs

All of my outfit details are below, but I especially wanted to give a shout out to the amazing Sudio Sweden for these stellar headphones. I have used them EVERY SINGLE DAY since they were sent to me. I have a horrible habit of not charging my headphones when I get done working out but I rarely charge these and they last me hours and hours. If you don’t wanna spend $300 on a set of headphones check them out. Discount code for 15% off: SHAEPOWDER



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Hawaii has truly wrapped its arms around me, and pulled me in. Every island I’ve ever adventured to has captured and amazed me. This was my first trip to the Big Island and has become my favorite to visit. There are never ending activities for you to do here. I love visiting places that get me outside in nature. I’m not a fan of going on vacation and staying in a hotel room, or on a cruise ship. I would rather be emerged in to the culture, people, and land that make it different from anything else.

The amazing staff at Puakea Ranch invited our group into their stunning property with open and loving arms. I can honestly say it was the most magical home I’ve ever stayed in. We would make breakfast in the mornings, and walk outside to beautiful views of the farm and ocean. We rode horses around the property and the sheep greeted us every day while they ate the leaves off our trees. We took day trips down to the beach to snorkel and search for sea shells.

A few days in we traveled to Rainbow Falls waterfall at the opposite side of the island. We said goodbye to new friends and continued on our journey. The boys and I rode bikes through the night to see lava flowing into the ocean. We ended the night in Fern Forest with an amazing host who lives off the grid. He spends his days tending to his farm in the middle of a beautiful jungle. Before the boys headed back to Utah, we visited black beaches, and jumped off the most southern point of the United States into crystal blue waters.

There honestly isn’t enough time to see everything in Hawaii. Too many hikes, too many snorkeling spots, too many waterfalls, too little time. Guess we will just have to go back… every year.

All photography and videography is by Ian Saunders. You can find more of his work here or here.



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Make reservations at Puakea Ranch

Rahi Cali Summer ’17

Woah woah woah. I’ve been away for months. 

Where have I been you ask? I’ve taken a much needed break from blogging and a lot of my social media for the last few months. I am only human, and just like everyone else I go through lulls. It’s been quite sometime since I’ve felt any creativity or inspiration and it’s put a huge halt on my wanting to write and post. I haven’t felt entirely myself and I’m definitely not someone who can fake it. If I’m not in the mood to shoot, write, or post I simply don’t because I know it’s going to be sloppy and I don’t want to put out that type of work to the world. However, I feel like it’s slowly coming back and I want to get back to what I love spending my spare time doing. I’m getting my feet wet again… dipping them into the water of creativity slowly but surely.

So for those of you still with me…. here’s an oldie but goodie. Rahi Cali is an all time favorite. This brand is a close one to my heart. I just adore every piece I ever get from them. They have a great fit and the embroidery is unreal. I’m a sucker for a good embroidered piece. They have a beautiful new collection out perfect for all your summer festivals. As always I’ll leave the link to snag yourself some goodies at the bottom.

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TAMGA Designs

Happy national women’s day to all you bad ass babes out there! Hope everyone was able to celebrate with their fellow sisters.

I am so proud to be a woman. I am so proud of all the magnificent women I get to surround myself with. The powerful women in the family I was born into, and all the women I choose as friends. I encourage all of you to embrace your independence, your intelligence, strength, talents, your sexuality. Do not sex shame other women. Do not put other women down who are different than you. Empowered women, empower women. We are all magic in our own ways. Uplift your fellow women, and men! We are stronger together! And we all deserve to be treated as equals.

Leave people better than you found them.

All photos are by the transcendent and talented Heather Rowland

I’m so thankful to have been able to work with TAMGA. I love what they’re trying to do for our environment! The tee I have on in this post is made of 100% lenzing modal, which is made from beechwood. The fabric is made from 100% sustainable forests with over 95% of water and solvents being recycled during the process of production. Not to mention it’s the softest tee I own now, and has quickly become my go to. Thanks TAMGA for all your doing to help out Mother Nature!

Also side note: Freebird by Steven is killing it lately! I’m OBSESSED with these cute booties. 


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Mother E Essential Oils

First before I explain all the ways I’ve been using my oils from Mother E, I wanted to give you an idea of what this wonderful brand is all about. As many of you know, and I say this all the time, I LOVE working with brands who work hard to give back to our planet. Not only does Mother E reduce, reuse, and recycle resources in their packaging, they contribute 1% of their sales to nonprofit organizations working to preserve the environment and build sustainable communities. They’re honest in the ingredients they use – so you can feel good about using them on yourself, family, and all over your home. If you want to read more about Mother E click here.

Use it in your laundry – I would suggest testing it out on a load you don’t necessarily worry about testing it on. I used a small load of towels and used 2-5 drops in your detergent. I personally love the AIR:FOCUS oil for this. Your laundry will smell as fresh as the air.

Use it on your body – Roll on the wrists, neck, bottoms of feet, or behind the ears for a calming scent. Remember a little goes a long way with the oils. I like the EARTH:GROUNDING for this one because it reminds me of pine trees up in the mountains. I have visions of birds chirping, a deep breath of crisp air, and the sunshine on my face, every time I roll it on. The scent is so calming so I use this one right before I go to bed to help me sleep.

Use it in the bath – Use 3-5 (or… 6-10 depending on how hard your day was) in the bath for a relaxing aroma. Throw in some bath salts, and a few flower petals and tah duh you have a sanctuary for yourself or to share with someone special. I like the LEMON for my baths.

Use it as an air freshener – Add about 20 drops to a spray bottle and fill with water. Spray on linens, towels, etc. Or recycle your old empty oil car fresheners by adding in the oil for a new smell. I like the LAVENDAR as an air freshener.

There are a million ways to use these oils guys. I’m sure you can come up with even more – if you try these out and find something you enjoy please share! I’ve been using mine everyday and would love to hear about the ideas you’ve come up with. I wish there was a way for me to do a scratch and sniff through the computer because I swear if you could smell these you’d be sold.


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I am someone that has an immense connection with nature. In the wilderness my soul is renewed. Snow or sunshine, there is no better feeling than being in the mountains amongst the pines, birds chirping, and animals playing all around you. The beautiful thing about Utah, and Colorado also, is it’s never far away. I’m only a short drive away whenever I hear the mountains are calling. I think that’s why I felt at home in Colorado. It has so much of the same beauty we have here.

This trip filled my heart. Not only because I was able to connect with two of my favorite women, but we met some new ones along the way. I am so blessed to be surrounded everyday by the strongest, most powerful, and intelligent women. Beautiful Tabor, thank you for the wonderful pictures, but even more – the company. That’s the thing about social media, even though there is so much I dislike, it’s brought me to some of the most incredible people in my world, many of whom I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Photography by Tabor Evalyn


yup, my bum was soaking wet from sitting on the ground haha.

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Even though there were so many fun adventures we had in Colorado, I just really want to talk about the wolf sanctuary we visited. I can’t stress this enough, you need to visit the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center if you go to CO. It was by far everyone’s favorite part of the entire trip. Take a road trip and spend the day howling with these beautiful creatures. This center was so educational, and took great care of it’s guests. We did a feeding tour that was $20 per person, but you can feel good about spending the money because all of that money goes back to the wolves. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the presence of such powerful energy. These animals are so magical and it’s healing to be around them.  I realized how much my own fur babies are just mini wolves themselves and felt so lucky to go home to them. You can visit their website here for more information or to book your own reservation.




Scout and Cloth 

So before I talk about the amazingness that is scout and cloth im going to share some randomness with you.

First, serious shout out to all my other guys and gals out there starting the new semester, while also working, and trying to have some type of a social life. You guys are basasses. 🤘🏼 I SOMEHOW figure out a way to multitask all of these things over the 4 months of school and really don’t understand how it happens. I started out my first week with so much motivation and it’s basically gone at this point haha!

Second, I started listening to my favorite murder a few days ago and I’m binge listening to these girls like crazy. As if I (or any of you) needed ANOTHER podcast to listen to… but I swear it’s so worth it. They somehow make this terribly sad topic funny and respectable at the same time. It’s brilliant. Do yourself a favor and go download it.

Finally, Id just like to send out a reminder. Maybe I’m just in the wrong place at the wrong time lately but I’ve been noticing a lot of I’ll intent. I’d just like to say, if you are having a bad day, or week, or year to not take it out on others. Or, if you are the victim of that person in a bad place do not take it personal and remember people are all on different journeys. You never know what another person is going through. That statement is true time and time again. Be kind to one another. Do all things with good intentions. Think of others. Create positivity!

Okay! Last but certainly not least… Scout and Cloth is still one of my favorite companies to work with. I love their clothing, not only because it’s cute and so affordable, but as you guys know I love supporting local companies. They have an adorable shop in southern Utah where you can stop in and shop in person. If you’re not from here they have an online store you can head over to here.

Stay sexy, don’t get murdered!


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