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Gull and Marie

Happy Friyay loves!

I just wanted to get up a quick post for you guys this week all about Gull and Marie. I spent so much time trying to find a really cool patched denim jacket, and had no luck until I found these guys. Everything was either so expensive, or wasn’t what I was really looking for. They had the exact jacket that I had been envisioning in my head on their site.
I love the fact that this piece is so universal and I can wear it on a rainy day, or throw it over my summer dresses at night. I always say how essential it is to have a piece like this in your closet. If you’re not big on denim jackets they have so many other amazing patched vests and trooper jackets in millions of different prints. Everything on the site is pretty unisex so you can shop for men, women, or little ones in your life as well.

Go give them a follow, and a big cyber hug for me! You won’t regret it!












It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

Dress – Free People
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Denim Jacket – Gull and Marie
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Hat – Swell
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Boots – Free Bird by Steven
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Hope you’re all having the happiest week! I have been a busy girl as always the past few weeks. I spent a nice weekend down in AZ at the beginning of this month which was so wonderful and relaxing. Then I head out to San Diego at the beginning of next month so I’m hoping to get up a little bathing suit post for you guys out there so you’ll have some fun ideas for summer!
This Tuesday afternoon we did a shoot with Haley Nord, which was so fantastic to hang out with such beautiful and talented women for a few hours. I’ve seen a few of the sneak peek shots and they’re just gorgeous so I can’t wait to post that up for you guys when I get them all. Other than that I’ve just been doing a lot of working, eating, sleeping, and repeating!
So in the midst of all this chaos I found out that PYLO chose me as their “babe of the week” and sent me a little gift card to stock up on some cute pieces. So huge huge thank you to those guys for being so awesome and making me feel special! It’s awesome to be recognized by a company that you’ve loved for quite some time. Go give them a follow and a little attention on their site because they have some really fun and unique pieces that I know you guys will love! Anddddd…. onto the good stuff my loves!

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“You keep me safe, I’ll keep you WILD”

Top/Hat/Bra/Flash Tattoos – Free People
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Bells – Pylo
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