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Vi Mondi

Hey guys!
It’s been some time since I’ve posted, and I apologize for the wait. School starts up again next week so I’ve really been trying to soak up the last little bit of my summer.
Part of this last few weeks of free time was spent with an amazing photographer, Austin Marsden. First and foremost I must say this guy is probably one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. On top of that he is crazy talented. Every expectation I had in my head for these photos he produced. Good news for all of us, he’s traveling back to Utah again during the month of September so go give him a follow on social media to keep up with dates.

Last, I need to give Vi Mondi a very big thank you for letting me be apart of your company. I have so adored the two necklaces you sent me and receive endless compliments!
Vi Mondi makes every collection with the most amazing materials. All handmade, durable, tarnish and scratch resistant, and non irritating, which is great for me because I have very sensitive skin. If that isn’t enough they even donate 10% of every piece sold to benefit the With Hope Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to suicide prevention by improving mental health support and education in our schools and community. You guys all know how near and dear to my heart that is, so I support these guys 100%. If you’re going to buy yourself some nice pieces for your collection, why not support those who are making a difference in our world? You guys can read more at:

They were also kind enough to give all of you wonderful people a 15% off coupon code . Enter in shaepowder15 at checkout 🙂
















Stars can’t shine without darkness
Jewelry: I’m wearing Vi Mondi’s Audrey and Raquel pieces in these photos
Vi Mondi

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Moore Photo

A few weeks ago while I was on my trip to Seattle I got to meet up with Michelle Moore. This beautiful woman is Seattle’s most sought after portrait photographer and I had the honor of getting to work with her. She has been a photographer that I’ve loved for such a long time so when I found out she had openings for a collab I had to make it happen. I have been so excited to share these photos with you guys, so here you are! All of the outfit details are down in the bottom.

C16Q0027 C16Q0035-2 C16Q0055-2 C16Q0077-3 C16Q0121 C16Q0156 C16Q0175 C16Q0193-2 C16Q0221 C16Q0282 C16Q0320 C16Q0332-2 C16Q0404-2 C16Q0438-2 C16Q0474 C16Q0515-2 C16Q0615-2 C16Q0688 C16Q0726 C16Q0754 C16Q0762 C16Q0781 C16Q0783 C16Q0801 C16Q0807 C16Q0823 C16Q0816 C16Q0834


Outfit #1: Free People
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Outfit #2: Free People
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Outfit #3: Arnhem Clothing
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Outfit #4: Verge Girl
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Outfit #5: Free People
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