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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Happy Fall

I don’t know anyone in the world that doesn’t love this time of year. I truly think it brings out the best in everyone. It’s a time for gathering, for giving thanks to our friends, family, even strangers for all we do for one another. I find everyone is a lot more aware this time of year for everything they have.

I can’t count how many things I should be grateful for, there’s too many. I’m so thankful for the family I get to spend my life with… For the friends who are all so unbelievably talented and inspire me everyday… For the rewarding job I get to do. I’m so grateful to be able to be there for people, sometimes on the worst day of their life, and try to help make things a little easier on them and their families.

I really encourage everyone to count your blessings. Remember all of the beautiful things you have in your life. Appreciate them. Remind people how much they mean to you. Then try to remind them as often as you possibly can. Life is beautiful, but short. Make it count.

Happy fall!

Photos by:

Kenzie Dawn
Shelby and Scott Hickenlooper