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Daily Archives: December 25, 2016


Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Hope you have had a beautiful holiday season and are ready for a new year. Regardless of any fails that have taken place this year, I feel like 2017 is going to be a year of great creativity and change. 

This year my family decided to not do a big Christmas. We went out and bought gifts for those who really deserved a happy Christmas, and donated the rest. I think because of that, this has turned out to be the best Christmas I’ve ever had. I don’t need anything this year, or really any year. We get so stressed about buying gifts for everyone and I don’t think that’s what it’s all about. I have so much more than any gift could ever buy. I am so lucky in love, family, and wonderful friends. I can’t stress enough how full these people make my heart. I’ll just be so happy to wake up tomorrow with no presents under the tree and spend the entire day with my family at the ski resort. Santa gift me with lots of snow in the mountains! 

Before the year is up I wanted to get this post up for any of you wanting to get microblading done. I am SO SO in love with the results I got. I have always struggled with my eyebrows. I never really knew how I should be shaping my brows or what products to use. This totally takes out all the hassle and worry. 

First off – thank you to sweet Kate! She did such a fantastic job and worked so hard to make sure I was happy with the end result. She shaped out my brows for 3 hours and made sure everything was perfect and then the actual microblading only took about 20 min. I won’t lie, for those 20 min. it feels like a cat is scratching the sh*t out of your face butttt… it is worth it. I thought because I’ve had tattoos it would be no problem but it’s definitely different when it’s on your face. Lots of tears, and sneezing ? and I’d do it again if I had to! The first few  days your brows will look a little crazy so I’d suggest booking on a day when you have the next few off. After about a week they will completely heal and soften in color and shape. Since my last touch up they have settled into a more round shape and I think they completely match my bone structure. It’s perfect for anyone that has thin brows (like me), wants a different shape, or has missing spots within their brows. Kate is giving you guys a great deal – normally she’s $350 but if you sign up with a girlfriend you get $50 off each – or if you’re solo you can mention my name while booking and still get $15 off. Find her on Instagram.

P.S. I’m laughing about these pictures too ? Anyone else out there who fake tans will understand my face and foundation don’t match – but I promise it matches the rest of my body haha. 

I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas and new year! xo