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I am someone that has an immense connection with nature. In the wilderness my soul is renewed. Snow or sunshine, there is no better feeling than being in the mountains amongst the pines, birds chirping, and animals playing all around you. The beautiful thing about Utah, and Colorado also, is it’s never far away. I’m only a short drive away whenever I hear the mountains are calling. I think that’s why I felt at home in Colorado. It has so much of the same beauty we have here.

This trip filled my heart. Not only because I was able to connect with two of my favorite women, but we met some new ones along the way. I am so blessed to be surrounded everyday by the strongest, most powerful, and intelligent women. Beautiful Tabor, thank you for the wonderful pictures, but even more – the company. That’s the thing about social media, even though there is so much I dislike, it’s brought me to some of the most incredible people in my world, many of whom I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Photography by Tabor Evalyn


yup, my bum was soaking wet from sitting on the ground haha.

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Even though there were so many fun adventures we had in Colorado, I just really want to talk about the wolf sanctuary we visited. I can’t stress this enough, you need to visit the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center if you go to CO. It was by far everyone’s favorite part of the entire trip. Take a road trip and spend the day howling with these beautiful creatures. This center was so educational, and took great care of it’s guests. We did a feeding tour that was $20 per person, but you can feel good about spending the money because all of that money goes back to the wolves. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the presence of such powerful energy. These animals are so magical and it’s healing to be around them.  I realized how much my own fur babies are just mini wolves themselves and felt so lucky to go home to them. You can visit their website here for more information or to book your own reservation.