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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Rahi Cali Summer ’17

Woah woah woah. I’ve been away for months. 

Where have I been you ask? I’ve taken a much needed break from blogging and a lot of my social media for the last few months. I am only human, and just like everyone else I go through lulls. It’s been quite sometime since I’ve felt any creativity or inspiration and it’s put a huge halt on my wanting to write and post. I haven’t felt entirely myself and I’m definitely not someone who can fake it. If I’m not in the mood to shoot, write, or post I simply don’t because I know it’s going to be sloppy and I don’t want to put out that type of work to the world. However, I feel like it’s slowly coming back and I want to get back to what I love spending my spare time doing. I’m getting my feet wet again… dipping them into the water of creativity slowly but surely.

So for those of you still with me…. here’s an oldie but goodie. Rahi Cali is an all time favorite. This brand is a close one to my heart. I just adore every piece I ever get from them. They have a great fit and the embroidery is unreal. I’m a sucker for a good embroidered piece. They have a beautiful new collection out perfect for all your summer festivals. As always I’ll leave the link to snag yourself some goodies at the bottom.

Shop the look: