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Daily Archives: August 2, 2017


Hawaii has truly wrapped its arms around me, and pulled me in. Every island I’ve ever adventured to has captured and amazed me. This was my first trip to the Big Island and has become my favorite to visit. There are never ending activities for you to do here. I love visiting places that get me outside in nature. I’m not a fan of going on vacation and staying in a hotel room, or on a cruise ship. I would rather be emerged in to the culture, people, and land that make it different from anything else.

The amazing staff at Puakea Ranch invited our group into their stunning property with open and loving arms. I can honestly say it was the most magical home I’ve ever stayed in. We would make breakfast in the mornings, and walk outside to beautiful views of the farm and ocean. We rode horses around the property and the sheep greeted us every day while they ate the leaves off our trees. We took day trips down to the beach to snorkel and search for sea shells.

A few days in we traveled to Rainbow Falls waterfall at the opposite side of the island. We said goodbye to new friends and continued on our journey. The boys and I rode bikes through the night to see lava flowing into the ocean. We ended the night in Fern Forest with an amazing host who lives off the grid. He spends his days tending to his farm in the middle of a beautiful jungle. Before the boys headed back to Utah, we visited black beaches, and jumped off the most southern point of the United States into crystal blue waters.

There honestly isn’t enough time to see everything in Hawaii. Too many hikes, too many snorkeling spots, too many waterfalls, too little time. Guess we will just have to go back… every year.

All photography and videography is by Ian Saunders. You can find more of his work here or here.



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