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Mother E Essential Oils

First before I explain all the ways I’ve been using my oils from Mother E, I wanted to give you an idea of what this wonderful brand is all about. As many of you know, and I say this all the time, I LOVE working with brands who work hard to give back to our planet. Not only does Mother E reduce, reuse, and recycle resources in their packaging, they contribute 1% of their sales to nonprofit organizations working to preserve the environment and build sustainable communities. They’re honest in the ingredients they use – so you can feel good about using them on yourself, family, and all over your home. If you want to read more about Mother E click here.

Use it in your laundry – I would suggest testing it out on a load you don’t necessarily worry about testing it on. I used a small load of towels and used 2-5 drops in your detergent. I personally love the AIR:FOCUS oil for this. Your laundry will smell as fresh as the air.

Use it on your body – Roll on the wrists, neck, bottoms of feet, or behind the ears for a calming scent. Remember a little goes a long way with the oils. I like the EARTH:GROUNDING for this one because it reminds me of pine trees up in the mountains. I have visions of birds chirping, a deep breath of crisp air, and the sunshine on my face, every time I roll it on. The scent is so calming so I use this one right before I go to bed to help me sleep.

Use it in the bath – Use 3-5 (or… 6-10 depending on how hard your day was) in the bath for a relaxing aroma. Throw in some bath salts, and a few flower petals and tah duh you have a sanctuary for yourself or to share with someone special. I like the LEMON for my baths.

Use it as an air freshener – Add about 20 drops to a spray bottle and fill with water. Spray on linens, towels, etc. Or recycle your old empty oil car fresheners by adding in the oil for a new smell. I like the LAVENDAR as an air freshener.

There are a million ways to use these oils guys. I’m sure you can come up with even more – if you try these out and find something you enjoy please share! I’ve been using mine everyday and would love to hear about the ideas you’ve come up with. I wish there was a way for me to do a scratch and sniff through the computer because I swear if you could smell these you’d be sold.


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Happy New Year

Hope you all rang in the new year with your favorite people last night. Bring on 2017 and all that it has to offer us ❤️

Styling by: Sam Hobson
Photography by: Sam Cockayne

Hair: Kaity Myers

Makeup: Danielle Estrada

Bebe de Luxe

Who doesn’t want beautiful, smooth, and silky skin? I have a really hard time during the summer months keeping my skin not only hydrated but smooth as well. Before I tried out Bebe de Luxe I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure if the product would really make any difference on my skin let alone keeping my skin feeling amazing for days. I really can’t believe how wonderful the Coconut & Oat Milk Bath makes my skin feel for days and days after. Their products started out as a soothing bath for the little ones, but they soon started selling to babies, moms, dads… anyone and everyone. The baths are made out of 100% organic food-grade ingredients, vegan, and free of toxins so you can feel good about using them on your family.

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DIY Day Spa

Hey guys! Just wanted to step away from the fashion posts for a second and get up a beauty post for you guys since it’s been so long. Im a huge fan of doing at home beauty treatments on myself, so I wanted to give you guys some of my favorite tips to help make you feel shiny and new again! Hair-

  • Moisturizing mask for broken ends

Mix together: 1 mashed avocado 1/2 a cup of coconut milk 1 tbspn olive oil Heat the mixture in the microwave. Run through your hair paying extra attention to your ends. Leave on for 30 min. and rinse.

  • Deep Condition for silky hair

Apply a healthy amount of your conditioner throughout your hair and leave it on overnight. I like to put on a shower cap so it doesn’t get all over my bedding. Rinse out the next morning. I actually learned this trick from my beautiful stylist! Thanks Court! 🙂

  • Shine treatment for your dull lifeless locks

1 can of beer, or for those of you who don’t have that at your disposal, the juice from a grapefruit will work just as well! Pour it over your hair after you’ve rinsed your shampoo, let it sit for 1-2 min. then rinse, and finally apply your conditioner. Body-

  • Body Scrub

1/2 cup of olive oil 3/4 cup of white/brown sugar 5 drops of vanilla extract Apply on wet skin and massage in circular motions. Rinse & pat your skin dry.

  • Coconut Oil Body Butter

Blend 1 cup of coconut oil in a blender until it has a whipped consistency and apply it as a body butter all over your body. After being warmed in the microwave, it can also be added to any moisturizer to help give you glowing skin. Hope you guys will give some of these a try and let me know what you think! Happy first day of April With so much love, Shae