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Hawaii has truly wrapped its arms around me, and pulled me in. Every island I’ve ever adventured to has captured and amazed me. This was my first trip to the Big Island and has become my favorite to visit. There are never ending activities for you to do here. I love visiting places that get me outside in nature. I’m not a fan of going on vacation and staying in a hotel room, or on a cruise ship. I would rather be emerged in to the culture, people, and land that make it different from anything else.

The amazing staff at Puakea Ranch invited our group into their stunning property with open and loving arms. I can honestly say it was the most magical home I’ve ever stayed in. We would make breakfast in the mornings, and walk outside to beautiful views of the farm and ocean. We rode horses around the property and the sheep greeted us every day while they ate the leaves off our trees. We took day trips down to the beach to snorkel and search for sea shells.

A few days in we traveled to Rainbow Falls waterfall at the opposite side of the island. We said goodbye to new friends and continued on our journey. The boys and I rode bikes through the night to see lava flowing into the ocean. We ended the night in Fern Forest with an amazing host who lives off the grid. He spends his days tending to his farm in the middle of a beautiful jungle. Before the boys headed back to Utah, we visited black beaches, and jumped off the most southern point of the United States into crystal blue waters.

There honestly isn’t enough time to see everything in Hawaii. Too many hikes, too many snorkeling spots, too many waterfalls, too little time. Guess we will just have to go back… every year.

All photography and videography is by Ian Saunders. You can find more of his work here or here.



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I am someone that has an immense connection with nature. In the wilderness my soul is renewed. Snow or sunshine, there is no better feeling than being in the mountains amongst the pines, birds chirping, and animals playing all around you. The beautiful thing about Utah, and Colorado also, is it’s never far away. I’m only a short drive away whenever I hear the mountains are calling. I think that’s why I felt at home in Colorado. It has so much of the same beauty we have here.

This trip filled my heart. Not only because I was able to connect with two of my favorite women, but we met some new ones along the way. I am so blessed to be surrounded everyday by the strongest, most powerful, and intelligent women. Beautiful Tabor, thank you for the wonderful pictures, but even more – the company. That’s the thing about social media, even though there is so much I dislike, it’s brought me to some of the most incredible people in my world, many of whom I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Photography by Tabor Evalyn


yup, my bum was soaking wet from sitting on the ground haha.

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Even though there were so many fun adventures we had in Colorado, I just really want to talk about the wolf sanctuary we visited. I can’t stress this enough, you need to visit the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center if you go to CO. It was by far everyone’s favorite part of the entire trip. Take a road trip and spend the day howling with these beautiful creatures. This center was so educational, and took great care of it’s guests. We did a feeding tour that was $20 per person, but you can feel good about spending the money because all of that money goes back to the wolves. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the presence of such powerful energy. These animals are so magical and it’s healing to be around them.  I realized how much my own fur babies are just mini wolves themselves and felt so lucky to go home to them. You can visit their website here for more information or to book your own reservation.




Cabo San Lucas

Mexico you have my heart. This place has been one of my favorite places by far to visit. The entire trip was so enriched with so much culture. We spent our time swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and lots and lots of eating.


Where to stay:

We were so lucky to spend our entire week at the beautiful Pueblo Bonito Resort right on the beach. It had beautiful rooms, amazing restaurants, and a gorgeous pool. We would wake up every morning and have breakfast on our balcony while we stared out on the vast ocean. Room service was amazing and came twice during the entire week to make our beds, replace towels, and do our dishes which was really helpful.

What to do:

We decided to rent jet skis for an hour one day through our resort and it ended up being so much fun. It was $80 for an hour. The boys had adrenaline rushes while I was holding on for dear life on the back. Haha

The other few days we went snorkeling. The fish were amazing and so colorful – and there was 30+ feet of clear waters. The first day we took a taxi about 20 min away to a snorkeling beach and spent a hour chasing fish around the reef. The second day we decided to hike in to a snorkeling spot near Lover’s Beach. There were lots of people out adventuring. There were so many people gathered around the reef snorkeling, scuba diving, and cliff jumping. We had a lot of fun at this spot – the only thing I would suggest is if you’re hiking try to go during later/earlier hours and bring lots of water. You can also take a taxi boat out to the spot at about $7-$10 per person.

I enjoyed an amazing hour swedish massage one morning at the resort as well. It was so relaxing and I felt refreshed and ready for the day. The masseur was very professional and totally took care of me. Thanks Maria! They had lots of promotions going on during our stay, which I’m sure carries on all year, so it was only $67 for the hour.

One of my favorite activities that we did was the sunset taxi boat ride. This was one of the most inexpensive activities that we did but it was gorgeous and so worth it. They took us on a 30 min tour so we could get views all around the amazing rock formations and the sea life.

If you’re not into any of those activities, just get yourself a beach towel, and a pina colada, and sun bathe the entire time you’re there.

Where to eat:

I was so surprised at how easy it was to eat vegetarian meals here. Almost every restaurant had a long vegetarian menu to choose from.

The Office – This restaurant was a very popular spot in Cabo and a lot of fun to visit. We had a hard time getting a reservation the first few nights. It was a very lively atmosphere, and is right on the beach – so you can dig your toes in the sand while you’re having dinner.

Mi Casa – This place is a must go while you’re in Cabo! I adored this spot. There was a beautiful gift shop at the front of the restaurant, and a band that played wonderful music while we ate. On top of all that, the food was to die for.


Make sure you guys don’t miss the opportunity to travel to this amazing place during your life. I will absolutely go back again.


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San Francisco Part 2

Hey guys! Its been so long. Where have I been? What have I been doing? I’ve been traveling a lot during these last few months and I’ve had so many beautiful experiences. I enjoy not only exploring these new places but sharing them with you guys. I hope you’re loving these travel posts as much as I am.

This final post about San Fran is definitely overdue and I apologize. For the second part I wanted to talk to you guys about the places we visited and offer some cool spots for you to stop by if your travels ever take you there.




All of the photos are by: heather rowland. You can see more of her photography here or here



Point Reyes
The entire drive to the lighthouse was stunning, and it’s a can’t miss either. However, the stairs down to the lighthouse are closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays so if you want to get a close up of the lighthouse you’ll want to avoid those days. Also, be sure you have a full tank of gas during these day trips because there aren’t many once you leave the city.



Muir Woods/Beach
Muir woods has the most amazing redwoods. We were in complete awe. I think if you’re on a family trip this would be a great place to visit. There’s a flat trail that takes you all through the woods and it’s a really easy walk. Just a short drive from here is a really pretty beach. Everyone was relaxing by fire pits on the beach.



Shark Fin Cove
This was my favorite place to visit. We hiked down the trail off to the right at first which was a little scary but the photos ended up really cool (haha) and later came up the trail on the left which was a lot easier. It was a really private and we didn’t see anyone until about 10am, so we had a lot of time to relax. The waves splash off of the rock and it’s so pretty to just sit and watch.


Baker Beach
This spot is so cool. This beach is right next to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s an amazing spot for taking really cool photos, or you can sit on the beach and watch the surfers. So relaxing and beautiful.

San Francisco Part 1

Hey guys!
I got back from such a great trip to San Francisco a few days ago. We were able to visit so many gorgeous places and I’m so excited to share photos from all of them with you. For part one of the posts from this trip, I tried to write down some great dining places for those of you who venture out that way in the future. Most of the resturaunts we visited were vegan, however even if you’re not vegan/vegetarian I really think these are all great to visit anyways.


Philz Coffee 

ONE OF THE BEST CUPS OF COFFEE I’VE EVER HAD. Seriously their mint mojito iced coffee is to die for. The employees are fantastic and were so helpful for us and answered all of our annoying first timer questions.

Souly Vegan

I loved the set up in this restaurant. It felt so warm and welcome. They have a fantastic “steak” burger and I loved their strawberry ginger juice. It was spicy but I really like that extra kick in my juice. On your way out you should definitely pick up a piece of cake for later.

Sightglass Coffee

These guys have an amazing mocha latte. Their mocha is a very rich flavor, but for espresso lovers it will make your day. We had so much energy after visiting these guys on saturday morning. Also, their pistachio croissant and cherry oatmeal cookies are the best pastries I’ve ever had hands down. Yes, I’m just as crazy about pastries as I am coffee. I should’ve bought 10 to bring home for later.


On our way out of town we stopped by this vegan cinnamon bun shop, I know what you’re thinking but I promise they were delicious. They have a million different flavors of frosting, and toppings for your cinnamon buns. The cream cheese frosting with carmel sauce and pie crumble toppings was by far the best one I bought. But I brought home a few for my loved ones and they were gone within a few minutes haha so I really don’t think you can go wrong with any combo here.